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3D Planning

Our long-experienced team of event designers can provide you with a 3D model of the event space configuration.

We’ll show you your Experience through detailed 3D layouts, so you have a picture of how the final layout will look like.

For the success of your experience, everything matters. 3D layouts have proved to be an important tool, that will help to preview the desired result in a fast and effective way.

We will produce your event layout in 3D.  We have more than 4.000 event venues ready to integrate your event.

All furniture and audiovisuals equipment’s are also designed in 3d and in scale in order to guarantee that the 3D layouts you will be executable exactly in real life.

Questions like number of attendees and type of audience layout can be evaluate with this tool to guarantee the success of your event.

3D Planning vs Event Photo


Planning is a key factor for the success of your event.

But we need guarantee that what you see in the floorplan and 3D that you receive will be what you get when you arrive to the event venue.

We take extra care in producing our 3D visuals and all our venues and drawn is most accuracy. Here are some examples from 3D visuals and the actual event.

Easily to see that what you receive in our 3D visuals it is the final outcome.




We guarantee that what we create, we deliver.



e2i event app

Ios/Android event app. Full branding possibility in order to create a customized solution.

digital scenography

Virtual Sets for digital event platforms.

Virtual Event Platform

Our digital platform to cover all your event needs.

video content

Digital production contents: templates for presentations, video content, brand videos, logo reveals, infographics videos...

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