2 Inspire


The most advanced solutions in AV equipment: sound, light, projection and conference systems.


The latest generation audiovisuals equipments to help you to produce the perfect experience.

Nowadays, the audio-visual market offers numerous opportunities to communicate effectively with audiences.

With more than 16 years of experience, our team is able to combine all the creative and communication design with the technical know-how, so that audio-visual media can be carefully chosen not only in terms of budget but also in terms of final results.

Your Experience will always be unique, because its conception is based on your needs and goals.


video content

Digital production contents: templates for presentations, video content, brand videos, logo reveals, infographics videos...

e2i event app

Ios/Android event app. Full branding possibility to in order to create a customize solution.

video mapping

Immersive experiences for your audiance.

Virtual Event Platform

Our digital platform to cover all your event needs.

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