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We believe that live animations can be a very important plus to increase enthusiasm and interest for the message you want to pass.

It should never be considered as an element apart. It's a magical opportunity to engage with your audience.

A team of choreographers and dancers will work together to develop an adapted composition to your Experience.

Even in digital or hybrid events we can make a difference and create moments to raiser or audiences attention and create beautiful memories.

If you and your team wants,  you can interact and be involved in this kind of live actions, as a way to show union and strength to your guests.


e2i event app

Ios/Android event app. Full branding possibility in order to create a customize solution.

digital scenography

Virtual Sets for digital event platforms.

Virtual Event Platform

Our digital platform to cover all your event needs.

video content

Digital production contents: templates for presentations, video content, brand videos, logo reveals, infographics videos...

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